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Genie Personnel Lift

Genie personnel lifts can be easily set up by a single person in minutes. Because of their light-weight and compact size, Genie personnel lifts are convenient to use in schools, churches, warehouses and more. Genie personnel lifts also provide solutions for internal work on large construction sites, like high rises, as well as being perfect for light-duty construction purposes.

Personnel Lift Specifications

Genie's personnel lifts come in AWP™, IWP™, DPL™ and Runabout™ models and their light-weight construction makes them easy to maneuver, use and transport, delivering maximum uptime. Each model offers a variety of options and accessories to customize your machine. Genie personnel lifting platforms offer an economical solution for all your access needs. Contact Aerialift today for all your personnel lift needs!

GenieŽ AWP Super Series

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