Aerial Work Platforms

genie aerial work platform

Aerialift offers a full line of aerial work platforms and lifting equipment that works with many different applications. Whether it's one person moving products across a warehouse floor, or a large load being lifted over rough terrain, Aerial Lift has a lift to fit every need. We specialize in scissor lifts, articulating booms lifts, personnel lifts, and replacements parts for all of our products.

Aerial Lifting Equipment

  • Aerial Lifts - The Genie product line available from Aerialift carries highly trusted lifting products for all lifting applications.
  • Boom Lifts - We carry both articulating boom lifts for working in and around obstacles, and straight booms lifts, for maximum horizontal reach.
  • Scissor Lifts - Features of the scissor lift, such as dual flashing beacons, self-leveling outriggers, and low noise levels, make it the most ideal product for indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance and installation applications.
  • Material Lifts - These material lifts can be customized to fit your specific needs through a variety of options and accessories.
  • Personnel Lifts - Because of its light weight and compact size, Genie personnel lifts provide solutions for work in schools, churches, warehouses and on construction sites.
  • Church Lifts - If you are working in an area with fixed seating, such as a church or auditorium, using the church lift makes working around these obstructions safe and quick.
  • Telehandlers - Genie Reach Forklifts come in two different models to best suit the terrain and reach requirements for your application.
  • Trailer Mounted Lifts - Genie trailer mounted lifts have a reach of up to 40 ft, but are still compact and lightweight, making for easy maneuvering in tight work areas.

2015 Genie Product Line

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